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SSCT in Focus

Gloria GemparoThe President

Since its inception as the Surigao Norte School of Arts and Trades (SNSAT) in August 8, 1969 pursuant to RA 6057, SSCT has metamorphosed into what it is today. The Surigao State College of Technology (under RA 8650) was recently converted into the Surigao del Norte State University (SNSU) pursuant to Republic Act 10600 approved on June 4, 2013. Through the years, SSCT has been a premier institution of higher learning in Caraga Region, contributing its modest share in human resource development and providing the skilled manpower needs in the region essential to national development.

At present, it comprises the City Campus located in the heart of the city, the Malimono Campus at Malimono, Surigao del Norte, Del Carmen Campus situated at Del Carmen, Siargao, Surigao del Norte and Mainit Campus, Mainit, Surigao del Norte.

The conversion of SSCT into SNSU augurs well for the intended student clientele since they will benefit most of the transformational charges that are taking place right now and in the future such as: improved physical structures, upgraded instructional facilities, competent and well-trained faculty and enhanced curricular programs that shall address the College’s quest for excellence and quality higher education to produce highly competent, holistic and globally competitive workers.

Being a newly converted state university poses multi-faceted challenges to the present administration, faculty, staff, students and other internal stakeholders, foremost of which are: the accreditation of its programs, commercially viable researches, community-based extension services and income generation activities to augment the revenue of the College for sustainability of it operations. Looking ahead, SSCT is poised to become SNSU within the next three years and commits its resources to provide relevant, high quality and sustainability programs in the fields of engineering, technology, education, agriculture, fishery, information technology, entrepreneurship and advanced education. Through the years, our graduates have carved a niche in their respective fields of endeavor both here and abroad.

This shall continue to be so in the next years to come as we are all committed to nurture the young minds and adults into becoming responsible, productive and socially upright citizens of the country.


The Surigao State College of Technology anchored on its vision, mission, goals and objectives shall unceasingly strive to produce holistic and globally competitive graduates who adhere to the pursuit of excellence, uphold democratic tenets, advocate human dignity and promote wholesome work ethics to achieve sustainable progress for the future posterity.The SSCTians in response to the continued commitment of her/his Alma Mater shall reciprocate by the way of conforming faithfully to her/his duties and responsibilities and value industry, perseverance and honesty and other positive values. He/she shall dedicate the knowledge, skills and abilities which they have acquired to improve themselves, for the welfare of their family to the country, and in service to the Almighty God.
Forever Radiant
(Hymn of Surigao State College of Technology)
(Composed by the late: ROBERT D. ENSOMO)

Surigao State College
Of Technology in Mindanao
You’re a growing landmark
SSCT, to you we bow.

North star of the Region
With a noble mission
Here’s a place to mould men
For technology, science and arts.

Smiling youth and seasoned old
Welcome ye to his glorious fold
Learn and earn help all
Be the wealth of our people.

Alma mater dearest
Hope of our dear brothers
Stand forever radiant, let the
SSCT gear roll on and on.

Tow’ring high and mighty
O’er man and nature’s threats
You shall firmly stand
The dark cloud of doubt
Till the sun shines bright again.

Surigao State College
Of Technology, dear
Stand forever radiant
For your golden goals
Our own success (back to tow’ring)

(Finale rit… with accent on radiant)
Stay forever radiant, for our victory, is your…glo-ry…

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