Faculty Members with the new academic ranks take their oath before Dr. Dumanig

Faculty members of the College have already received their appointments pursuant to NBC Cycles 6 & 7. The faculty are now looking forward to receiving their differential and the implementation of their new salary grade. The effective date of Cycle of 6 is January 1, 2015 while the Cycle 7 is March 1, 2015.

                On September 28, 2015, the faculty took their oath before OIC President Dr. Ecclesiastes T. Dumanig at the Academic Center.

                With the implementation of the Cycle 7 SSCT now has a roster of: Professor VI (1), Professor I (2), Associate Professor V (7), Associate Professor IV (3), Associate Professor III (4), Associate Professor II (8), Associate Professor I (6), Assistant Professor IV (16), Assistant Professor III (23), Assistant Professor II (15), Assistant Professor I (16), Instructor III (14), Instructor II (4), and Instructor I (13).

                DBM National Budget Circular No.461, which took effect in June 1998, was issued to establish and prescribe rules and regulations governing the implementation of the Revised Classification Plan for faculty positions in SUCs, HEIs and TEIs in accordance with the modified Common Criteria for Evaluation (CCE) of faculty positions.

                Meanwhile, SSCT’s HRMO Ms. Ellen Divinagracia-Detalo Disclosed that twenty three (23) faculty positions are waiting to be filled up this year.

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