SSCT’s seal has Diamond that represents technology as very important possession of the youth that will ensure for them a life free from what;

Gear stands for the college programs rotating smoothly and efficiently toward the desired technological ends;

Close Loop of rope circumscribe that the inner symbol represents the cycle of services to the community and assuring feedbacks from the stakeholders. In like manner, the commitments for development generated by the strong linkages with the college management;

Open Book symbolizes a strong foundation of education. It implies that anyone may come to engraft a branch of knowledge into the stock of wisdom;

Laurel Leaf serves the honor, given technical training and education process not only in the services of persons but of the whole world;

Fishtail symbolizes the vast treasure available in water. Soaring up the water surface, it signals the technological advancements and excellence in the proper use and preservation of aquamarine life;

Sun stands for the vision of college to provide and disseminate technological knowledge not only in Mindanao and entire islands of the Philippines, but also to the ASEAN countries and even the whole world. The rays connote diversification of curricular offerings that will respond to the changing needs of the community in the service area;

Mallet stands for hard work involved in technology. This represents the gigantic task of the college in molding the youth into becoming productive and useful citizens of the country;

Flame marks the incessant quest for excellence and advancement in science and technology. Its heat is the energy needed in transforming every individual into productive, desirable and purposive citizens;

Water constitutes two-thirds of the surface of the earth. This symbolizes the claim of the college to take the greater share in the development of the region. Its liquidity indicates the flexibility of the college to adapt to new discoveries and to reach out to developmental possibilities to underserved outreach regions and community through responsive research; the Two Stars represent the SNSAT in Surigao City and the Malimono School of Fisheries in Malimono, Surigao del Norte, that merged to constitute the SSCT.

Legal Bases

Surigao State College of Technology (SSCT) was formerly Surigao del Norte School of Arts and Trades, established as a trade school on September 15, 1969 by virtue of Republic Act 6057, which later became a chartered State College on June 15, 1998 through Republic Act 8650.


The Surigao State College of Technology, hereafter referred to as SSCT a chartered state institutions primarily for the purpose of providing higher vocational, professional and technological instruction and training in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, engineering, and sciences, as well as short-term technical courses. It shall also provide primary consideration to the integration of research/studies for the development of the Province of Surigao del Norte. (Sec. 2. R.A. 8650)

Notwithstanding its charter, the operation of the College shall be governed by the Constitution and by statutes under the Republic of the Philippines, provided that whenever there are conflicts on the provisions of law, the provisions of the charter shall prevail unless the latter are expressly repeated by the former, or so decided by a competent court of law, provided further that the hierarchy of statutes shall be considered.