SSCT Undergoes CHED RQAT Ocular Visit

The CHED Evaluation Team headed by Atty. Carmelita P. Yadao-Sison, chair, Task group on Conversion, conducted a two-day on-site evaluation in SSCT, last October 11 and 12, 2015 to confirm and validate the compliance of the school with CHED requirements as stipulated in section 25, R.A. 10600  for the college universityhood.

All has been set and prepared for the convenience of the Regional Quality Assurance Team. They checked the requirements in different venues all the 6 operations of the law; the administration, faculty, curriculum, instructional standards, library, facilities & equipment.

According to Atty. Sison “we came, we saw and we evaluated. Despite the short period of time, we took our job seriously and strictly.”  She commended everyone for the cooperation extended by all SSCTians which leads to the success of the said undertaking. However, as to completion of the necessary things prescribed by the law, there were still a lot to comply for. The school needs to conform with the requirements until December 31, 2015 only. The announcement of either the success or failure of SSCT’s compliance will be made a day after the deadline.

After the sleepless nights that they have experienced just to finish the task given, they arrived into brilliant recommendations and suggestions which put everyone in much awe.

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