Government ICT stalwarts are advocating for the use of a recently launched Government Website Template (GWT) in order to give government websites a uniform corporate identity, ease visitor navigation and enhance website security.

“Through the standardized websites, Local Government Units, National Government Agencies and State Universities and Colleges will experience ease in navigation and use of digital assets,” said Antonette Torres, iGovPhil Program Manager. “More than that, content, news updates, public documents and other services will be easily accessible to the citizens.”

The Government Website Template is an initiative of the Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) program led by agencies under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – ASTI and Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) – in collaboration with the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO).

The new web template was unveiled to Agency heads and representatives at an executive briefing on newly launched iGov services held at DOST-ICTO in Diliman, Quezon City.

iGov Phil Project Director and DOST-ASTI Director Denis Villorente said that “the new government website template will not only improve the aesthetics of government websites, it will also make them more secure and enable the addition of supplementary online services, such as a payment gateway, records inventory system and forms generator.”

“Further more, an additional level of security can be added through web hosting made available through the Government Cloud also developed through the iGov Phil initiative.

Training for Webmasters from 162 government agencies in Metro Manila started in April while trainings for webmasters in the various provinces will be done by region started in May, with state universities and colleges as training venues.

The training on the use of the standard Government Website Template is being done in anticipation of an Executive Order mandating all government websites to use the newly developed web template.

According to a study conducted by the National Computer Center, content and structure are significant issues facing government websites, too many menus confuse users and heavy multimedia content cause slow loading time with some websites.

This website template project also goes hand in hand with the plan of Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to improve accessibility and security of government websites by providing a central web hosting facility.